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DEC Experience

Dave Evans Construction understands the intimidation you may feel when it comes to new commercial construction for your business. Our design-build company is set up to make the building process as quick and straightforward as possible. With an in-house design staff that is experienced with custom commercial building design, we’ll deliver a high-quality product that will help meet your business goals. These are the five simple steps to take you completely through the process…

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Concept &
Feasibility Study

During an initial meeting with Dave Evans Construction, we’ll discuss the desired location, available lots, and your building needs. Our in-house architect will then work with you to generate schematic floor plans from which a cost analysis will be derived.


Design Development

After entering into a lot reservation and plan agreement, our design team will work with you to further develop a building design and create bid drawings. The design team will also begin entitlement work with the city for design review or conditional use permits.


Pricing & Contract

Our estimator will then receive bids from subcontractors and generate an in-depth cost analysis. Communications between the estimator, client, and architect allow for quick modifications to the design and pricing if necessary. Upon acceptance of the pricing, you can then enter into a contract agreement with Dave Evans Construction. Our experienced team can also offer guidance with financing options.

Construction Documents & Permit Submittal

The design team will make further refinements to the design as necessary, and complete construction documents. Applications and drawings are submitted to the city for building permits. We will make frequent contact with the city to expedite the review process and secure permits as soon as possible.




Our highly trained and experienced superintendents will maintain daily contact with you as the project progresses. Construction schedules and budgets will be updated on a regular basis and made available to you. Changes initiated by the owner can be accommodated at any time. During construction, it is our mission to ensure high standards of workmanship and deliver a finished product on or before the scheduled completion date.

Create your Dream Commercial Building.
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